7 Reasons to own an Airspace Place Hangar

1. Build equity. Whether you pay cash, use a home equity line, or use our bank finance plan, your payments go to an investment, not a wasted expense.
2. Comparatively, the cost per month of ownership of a deluxe hangar(annualized after tax deductions) is not much more than renting a no-frills basic hangar. But, your enjoyment will be 10x more.
3. Where else can you find a T-hangar with ample electric, lighting, running water, weather information, TV, gas heat, full partitions, full insulation and more at a quality G.A. airport? Customize it as you wish with loft, carpet, office, lounge. A heated hangar provides comfort all year round and makes winter annuals a breeze. Have a party for family and friends right in your hangar. Customize it with an office area, couch and seating area, refrigerator, BBQ grille, lofts, etc . Make it truly a home away from home.
4. Resale. Face it–you won’t fly forever. There’s that detail called a ‘medical’. When the time comes to hang it up, you’ll have an asset to sell or rent for additional income. In contrast, all that money ($50-100,000+) you would have wasted paying rent the previous 20-40 years is gone forever. Go ahead, figure out how much you already spent wasting money on rent, then calculate the next 15-30 years of what you will spend.
5. The best protection for your aircraft. Your baby will be snug as a bug in an Airspace Place hangar. Protect your avionics, interior, and paint from temperature extremes and the elements to maintain the value of your aircraft. Heated hangars make winter flying fun and easier with frost-free surfaces and quick preheats in your hangar. Your A & P will love working on your airplane in your hangar.
6.  No group “hangar-rash” dings and dents because your airplane is constantly jockeyed in and out and people are walking and bumping about. Instead of being in a group hangar and no place to store your belongings, now you have total security and storage. Use a mini-hand operated tug to move your plane in and out of the hangar. It’s easy!
7.  Tax benefits! Deductions! Many pilots own their hangars personally and rent space to the corporation that owns the aircraft, or vice versa. As a rental property, various deductions are now available including real estate taxes, interest on financing, depreciation, etc. This can cut the cost of ownership to less than renting.

May 2024