Annual Club Dues

Full Membership: $175.00
Add’l family member non pilot: $20.00
Social Membership*:This new membership category is for those interested in aviation who:
Is an active pilot owning an aircraft based at another airport who may fly in
Does not own a hangar at AKR
Does not fly an airplane based at AKR
No longer flys due to the lack of medical or by choice

*Subject to approval by the Membership Committee

Aircraft Maintenance Membership: for those holding A & P or IA certificates who are not based at the airport nor fly and whose mission while at the airport is to provide service to aircraft. $50.00

1X Administration and card fees

New member initiation fee: $50.00
New card administrative fee, each: $25.00
Replacement card, each: $25.00
Each additional gate card: $50.00