Annual Club Dues

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Membership Policy

Per original Airspace Place documents at time of construction starting in 1999, each owner of a share in any of the Airspace Place Cooperative Corporations is required to be a member of Airspace Place Aviation Club.  This is to ensure a viable membership quantity in which to reasonably allocate fixed and variable costs of sustaining the common use club facilities including the both the vehicular access gate and the flight planning center. These amenities were installed by the developer for the benefit of Airspace Place.   If an individual owns multiple hangars that individual would be required to maintain just one membership for his personal use.

Airspace Place Aviation Club allows other pilots or related aviation parties who are not Airspace Place hangar owners to utilize its facilities for a membership fee similar to hangar owner fees.  For others who may be utilizing a hangar as a renter, a separate membership is required. The intent of this is to promote social activity and build a strong pilot base within the airport.     Fees collected are used to pay for utilities, cleaning, HVAC repairs, vehicle gate maintenance, consumables.

The use of facilities is for non-commercial activities whereby aviation groups with prior permission may utilize conference room and club area. By way of example EAA, ECOPA, Hangar Coop corporations, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Boy Scouts and others have used facilities for meetings with prior scheduling, and this is welcome.  A member is required to be present for any such meetings.

Use of the club facilities is for people, not airplanes. Therefore, each user requires a membership. If two or three people share use of an airplane, each person desiring use would become a member as there is are people and more drain on facilities. The exception is immediate family member spouse/partner who may not be a pilot but desires regular access for convenience. A 2nd cellular number may be optionally registered for that purpose. Members who violate policy by allowing unauthorized users will have membership privileges revoked for one year.

There is no membership difference between an A&P, IA, detailer etc. For very-occasional-use access, the hangar owner, pilot or member can easily provide access as needed without needing to issue full access credentials.  “One Person—One Membership” simplifies membership and accounting.

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Airspace Place Aviation Club is not-for-profit and administered by volunteers. Keeping facilities clean and friendly place is everyone’s responsibility. Your assistance in cleaning up messes you may make while eating, emptying waste baskets when needed, plunging a toilet, etc is needed.

Enjoy Airspace Place!